With over 30 years experience providing strategic business and market development planning, our Principal has designed, implemented and overseen thousands of successful programs, campaigns, and process improvement initiatives – many times pioneering entirely new business practices.

We offer significant expertise in:

  • Creative marketing campaign design
    • promotion, advertising, incentives
  • Communications and PR
  • Digital Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Training and Enablement
  • Channel Partner Ecosystem development

The majority of this work has been in the technology industry where product lifecycle is remarkably condensed often necessitating products be built, launched, reach their peak sales levels, be sunset and replaced typically within 2 years.  There is not a lot of room for missteps.  Speed and innovation are critical.

Whether your organization would benefit from a strategic review or reset, or a product or service requires a new business development path, our approach has proven successful for over 30 years and it would be our pleasure to support you in reaching your goals. 

Business Development Practice – Digital Transformation

  • Provide independent assessment of an organization’s overall use of technology and digital maturity
  • Identify technology based opportunities and risks and recommend areas for improvement and leverage
  • Lead or join a Project Team to assist with digital transformation strategy and implementation as an Interim Executive or 3rd party consultant
  • Research:      
    • Identify Digital Best Practices within the industry including competitive landscape
    • Evaluate digital experience roadmap options

Technology Ecosystem Business Development

Vendor Community Support

Build channel GTM strategy and develop best-in-class route to market programs to maximize business with:

  • Distributors
    • VARs / SI Partners
    • SP / Telco Partners
    • E-Commerce partners
    • Retailers

Partner Community Support

Create strategic business plans for the Partner Community to more effectively maximize their key supplier relationships:

  • Build Proposals for focus and funding
    • Create market specific Business Development campaigns based on:
      • Size of business
      • Vertical market served
      • Regions served
    • Oversee implementation

Interim Executive

Often an organization may need an extra set of experienced hands on a temporary basis to fill a resource gap, launch a new initiative requiring extraordinary effort from the leadership team, or to engage external perspectives on strategic digital plans.   Mary Whittle can serve as an Interim Executive to provide technology project leadership, strategic direction and road-mapping for digital transformation, and general business development, sales and marketing roles.   Strategic Marketing Matters can also leverage its network of IT professionals to provide you with many of the skills your project or digital transformation may require.

Board of Directors / C-level Education

Fundamentals of Technology and Transformation for the Non-technical Executive

We have designed a modular education program to assist non-technical C-suite leaders and Board of Directors on the fundamentals of technology and digital transformation and their impacts on organizations.   The courses improve the connection between the IT organization and leadership, and the ability to make informed decisions, by enhancing understanding of the opportunities and challenges IT and Digital Transformational teams face on this ever-changing environment.

Pre-recorded Seminar

Introduction to Digital Transformation and Technology Optimization

Live Seminar/Workshop 

Fundamentals of Technology and Digital Transformation

  • Approximately 3 hours, materials and toolkits provided.  Ideal for strategic offsite or annual planning sessions

Customized Fundamentals of Technology and Digital Transformation

  • Approximately 8 hour session.  Requires pre-work to assess key areas of concern or focus specific to your organization with customized materials and toolkits provided.   Subject matter experts may be engaged.   Ideal for strategic offsite or annual planning session or as an independent project.